Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back in Black.....or maybe just BACK!

I remembered my blogger user name and password. Turns out it was the same username and password I use for lots of other places.....so, I may blog again sometime in the future.

Perhaps a post forthcoming about the "Little Miss Naughty" who is literally chewing through our money right now!

Here is a little preview picture:

Don't be fooled by the cute face, she really is a TERROR sometimes!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jimmy's DOWN

Hello kids! I know it has been a while. Quite a while. And I don't think that anyone even reads this blog anyway. However, today I will still write, even if no one reads. My apologies for the delay, and I must say happy thanksgiving, merry christmas, happy new year, and a wonderful valentives day to all of you, because, yes, that's just how long it has been since I even logged into blogger. I hardly have time to shower on a regular basis let alone blog. My bad in thinking that clean arm pits are most inmportant. Maybe I should rethink that...hmm.

Anyway, on to with the show. Today's topic: Pet Peeves!! My pet Peeves!!! (and let me advise you, there are many, many).

--Writing in third person. Similar to everyone's favorite Seinfeld episonde where gym Jimmy talks in third person, I rarely think it is necessary to write, particularly blog write, in third person. If you are a couple and you have a blog, and you both update it, well then, write in first person. We will figure it out. We are not that slow. At some point we will catch on to which one of you is actually writing. And if we can't, perhaps we will look at the bottom of the blog to see who the blog was "posted by". To read blog updates that say "John is still a scout master" and "Jill is still working at the preschool" is to say to your readers that you are so important that you must not use the word "I", ever. Well I'm here to tell you that none of you are that important.
--Writing checks at retail establishments, namely, the grocery store express lane. WELCOME. TO. THE. 21ST. CENTURY. GET. A DAMN. DEBIT. CARD. AND. LEARN. TO. USE. IT. Wow, I feel better now that I got that one out.
--Flakes. Don't be the type of person who says they will go to dinner with you next week, and then suddenly has no money to go, but then in turn invites you out to the bar the next night. If you have no money, then you have no money. If you intend not to, or care not to go to dinner, just say so from the very beginning. Don't commit to things/events you never intend to do, it's just disrespectful.
--People who DO NOT have children, but are still always late. Okay, so if you have kids, I get it. Kids make you run continually late. I understand; butts explode, kernels of corn go up the nose, shoes get lost. But if you do not have kids, then there is no excuse for you to be continually late. Get a watch. Set an alarm. Hire a secretary. BE ON TIME!! Especially in work settings where the rest of the group was on time, and is now waiting for your late ass to get your crap together to get somewhere you know you had to be.
Okay, I think that's all for this afternoon. Whew. Scuba and I have been frantically rearranging the house, buying furniture, selling furniture, cleaning, in preparation for the wedding and the rest of our lives. It has been a lot of work. We finally have a desk (from where I type) and the office is almost put together. I will post some pictures of it once it is all finished (which I hope is by the end of the week).
If you love us, please leave a comment. And if you don't love us, please still leave a comment. We like to know that someone out there still knows we are alive. And, what are all of y'alls pet peeves? Am I the only high strung one at the grocery store???

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Check out this blog that my soon to be sis in law started recently. It is full of Beauty adivse and tips, product reviews and detailed info on all things skin and beauty related.


Also, click on the ads there too, and make her some spending money!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Evidence we are still alive...

...Barely. I know what you are all thinking...Here they go, starting a blog, and then never actually blogging, bastards. Many times I have stalked blogs that are infrequently updated, and cursed at the bloggers, because, How could they? I know, we have turned into those people I despise. I'm so sorry. Don't hate us. Please still buy us wedding presents and send christmas cards. We like money and make up. Oh, and video games.

So, to provide some evidence of our existance, here is a little laundry list of occurances between now and then:

-One moderately successful trip to SLC to arrange fancy wedding plans. If nothing else, we will have flowers and cake (I may however be wearing PJ's and not a dress).

-One moderately successful yard sale at Sissy's house complete with Coffee Cake, broken camping chairs, and a duck that hops.

-One very broken water faucet behind my washing machine that has resulted in many hours of late night soldering lessons and a 5 foot hole in the wall. I have lost count as to how many times I have said, or heard some one in my house say "oh, We Got Water". Because how many water leaks can one small house get in four years??

-Four outdoor type festivals attended. Observed chalk artists, toddlers destroying property, native american dancing, pottery demonstrations, dogs in obstacle courses and the like.

-Participated in one hysterically motifying burst of song while dropping off my brothers off at a birthday party. I have never seen either of them run so fast as when Scuba and I were singing White Christmas at the top of our lungs with every window down in the car. Their friends actually pointed as they got out of the car.

-Attended a moderate amount of birthday parties, dinners, etc resulting in too much drama and not enough pie.

-Scuba's garden died. Well most of it. It has been a daily grieving process to get over it. The death of corn and cucumber is profound.

I intended to take photos of all our adventures, however, I did not. So this is all the documentation I have that we are alive:

Scuba at the yard sale wearing some absurb goggles. We later sold them to a man for a whopping 50 Cents. We're in the money now.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Obviously It's True Love

So I go to show Scuba some cute photos of my Nana playing baseball with my cousin Jessica's little boy (so cute), and scuba's all did you add to our blog, and i'm all, no, and he's all well I guess we will just have a blog with nothing on it.

So I'm all, ok, cuz I have nothing to say. And he's all, well I guess I'll just have to post something myself, maybe something about you having septic pneumonia (which I am convinced I have, as I am a raging hypochondriac, and surely kidney stones MUST really be septic pneumonia...). And I'm all, here, see my middle finger buddy, cuz that ain't no jokin matter.

So I think the conversation is over when I hear this from the kitchen "I haven't been doing enough for you to make fun of?". Apparently scuba thinks the blog is a venue for me to make fun of him. No. No sir it is not. That I do in person, like when scuba spents the morning singing all his responses to my questions. If I'm going to make fun, you can better beleive that I'm gonna do it is person, so the real power of my wit comes through with a bit of sting.

So, in an effort to end this loving banter, I begin to post, and scuba's all "I smell grape"....What the Hell? Random.

So, there it is scub, your damn post, cuz apparently working for 12 hours and then coming home just to watch dancing with the stars isn't enough for you, apparently I also MUST MUST blog, cuz it had just been too long. Hmmph. We have a lot of long loving years together :) I can just feel it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A tribute to my brothers....

on their 15th BIRTHDAY!! Can you believe it? In my mind, everyone stays the same age but me. For instance, my good friend Jenny has a younger sister, Michelle. When I met Jenny, Michelle was maybe in 5th grade. Therefore, in my mind, even though I know that both Jenny and I are older, michelle is still in 5th grade in my mind. It astounds me everytime I realize that Michelle is no longer in grade school, but married with kids of her own. Yikes.

So, in honor of my brothers and their rapidly changing voices, here are some classic photos for all of you to enjoy. After all, it is my duty as a sister to embarass the hell out of my brothers as often as possible :)


Stephen at Disneyland.

Ahh, the joy of orthodontics. More classics to come, including naked baby bath photos!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

I'm not sure what's going on with Scuba, but he has been quite domestic lately. In the course of one week, he built, yes BUILT, a composter, and planted a garden in my backyard. We have been wanting to purchase a composter for some time now, but they are kind of expensive, or not that great. So Scuba got out the hammer, and built one. As we speak it is full of rotten food. Yum.

Scuba has also planted some veggies, and is more excited abuot the growth of a leaf of lettuce than anything else right now. It's sad really that watching seedlings grow is our chosen form of entertainment at the time. Needless to say, things are growing, and hopefully in 70-90 days we will be rolling in veggies...or digging up dead plants because it is too hot here to grow even dirt...

This is corn. I'm not sure my neighbors will appreciate the 9 foot corn stalks if these little plants survive.

These are little cucumber seedlings currently living in a plastic box on my kitchen table.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


WE, well I, decided to finally jump on the band wagon and create a blog. Like SUE, http://www.borrowedlight.blogspot.com, who I blog stalk daily, I am sure no one will want to read our blog, but here it is none the less. Please be patient with me, as I am not computer savvy at all, and can hardly type email and word processing documents for work.

We hope this will be a way to keep connected with friends and family who are far from us...send comments...make my day and stroke my ego, please.